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Kachal Dance is a project-based contemporary dance company based in Los Angeles, CA. We started our journey in New York City in 2016. Since then the company has made notable strides with performances at Dixon Place, RestorationART, New York International Fringe Festival, Bryant Park Presents Modern Dance (produced by Inception to Exhibition), Tennessee Association of Dance, and a tour to Portugal. Whimsical and evocative, Kachal Dance explores kinetic storytelling through multi-genre collaborations - drawing on disciplines from classical to contemporary to examine ideas both universal and personal through intimate theatrical experiences.


The book of roses and memory acts as a reflection on The Old Rose Reader. It is as if the viola of the second piece is somehow remembering the violin of the first. The sense of the violin, irretrievably lost, haunts The book of roses and memory. Meanwhile, the narrator tells new stories that themselves reflect themes of memory and loss, while the violist alternately mourns for what is lost and contemplates what is discovered. The book of roses and memory was written for, and is dedicated to, Liuh-Wen Ting 

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